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Make every meal Count

Make every meal Count

Visualize your calorie intake, recommended calories and exercise


Effortlessly log your meals - anytime, anywhere. Whether you're on the go or recounting yesterday's dining, we've got you covered. Make every bite count with CalorieCounter.

Snap and Track

Transform your smartphone into a nutritional detective with our revolutionary app. Let CalorieCounter reveal its calorie and protein content, helping you make informed dietary choices on the go.

Snap and Cook

Transform your fridge into delicious meals. Snap a photo of your fridge or some ingredients and ask CalorieCounter to make you a mouth-watering recipe.


Stay on top of your health goals. Track your calorie intake and exercises against your health goal and activity level, ensuring you're always moving in the right direction.


Our app takes the guesswork out of meal management by letting you visually track your calories, recommended calorie intake and exercise achievements, all while offering daily, weekly, and monthly progress insights. Stay motivated, stay informed, and start achieving your health goals today!

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Get your time back

The ultimate time-saver in your health journey. Say hello to CalorieCounter. Get your time back and focus on what really matters, start snapping today!

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$9.95 per month

  • 7 Day FREE Trial
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  • Unlimited image analysis
  • Unlimited text commands
  • Unlimited Snap and Cook
  • Unlimited meal plans
  • Unlimited food swaps
  • Unlimited goal changes
  • Automated statistics and progress reports
  • Cancel at any time
  • Voice commands in the works!

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If you're not ready for a commitment, take a FREE quiz answering just 3 questions about your fitness goals and preferences, and receive a meal and exercise plan for the week. Act now to kickstart your journey!


How does CalorieCounter work?

Track your intake with just a snap and a tap using Calorie Counter! Simply use a photo of your meal or type out what you're indulging in, and let us do the nutrition math for you. Add your meal to your daily log effortlessly. Got ingredients but no meal plan? Snap them, and we’ll whip up a recipe just for you! Keep tabs on your daily caloric balance with ease in our Stats menu, ensuring you’re always on track with your fitness goals.

Can AI count calories?

Yes, CalorieCounter AI analyzes calorie and protein content accurately and provides daily, weekly and monthly summaries of all calorie intake and expenditure.

Does CalorieCounter consider my workouts?

Yes, simply tell CalorieCounter what exercise you did for the day and it will be taken into account for your recommended calories, according to your activity duration, intensity and type of exercise.

How do I save my meals?

Elevate your health game with CalorieCounter! Just tell CalorieCounter to save your meal under specific categories like 'Lunch', and watch as it seamlessly integrates into your daily calorie intake. Visualize your nutrition journey with ease through our intuitive graphs.

What happens if CalorieCounter gets my meal wrong?

If an ingredient slips through our analysis, simply swap it out for an updated calorie count at your fingertips.

Can I download CalorieCounter from the app store?

At the moment Calorie Counter is available on the web and available to download from the web, which adds a shortcut onto your homescreen. For more information, see this blog post or get an explanation when you sign up.

We are working hard to release CalorieCounter on the Apple App Store and on Google Play so stay tuned!

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