Our Story

As a father and son, we have always been into fitness whether that be going to gym, cycling, surfing, kiteboarding or basically anything we can get our hands on. Over the years we have tried multiple calorie counting apps to either gain muscle mass in the gym or to cut when the summer approaches but we always end up getting lazy and stop doing it within a few weeks. We kept asking ourselves why this was the case.

We realized that most calorie counting apps are simply too time consuming to use and that’s when we got the idea for Calorie Counter. We have built an app that not only counts and saves your calories in one simple step but that acts as your personal fitness assistant. You can ask Calorie Counter for different recipes and exercise routines based on your fitness goal, what your body fat percentage is, how many calories you’ve eaten today, ask it to save different meals and drinks for today or any other day, view your daily calorie intake goal based on your fitness goal and the list goes on.

With Calorie Counter we hope that people will see how simple it really is to count calories and log your exercises. We want to encourage people who have previously given up on their fitness goals simply because they cannot properly track their eating and exercise habits to try out Calorie Counter.


With Calorie Counter's AI driven technology, keeping track of your calories and exercise has never been easier