Basics of Calorie Counter

Calorie Counter has much more to offer that just counting calories. With AI driven technology, Calorie Counter offers a range of functionalities from counting calories by snapping pictures of your food to saving specific recipes to access later!

If you're interested in learning the ropes of Calorie Counter, learn a few of the main tips below!

Here are 10 tips to get started:

1. Text commands

Simply start describing what you ate and Calorie Counter will start the analysis for you.

Calorie Counter app

View the analysis from Calorie Counter. This will include the calories and the protein.

Calorie Counter will also add this as breakfast for the day and it will count towards your daily intake goal.

2. Image analysis

Calorie Counter also has the option where you can upload images of your meals and get a full analysis back

Calorie Counter image analysis

Simply snap a photo of of your meal and get a full analysis from Calorie Counter. If Calorie Counter by chance misses or gets an ingredient wrong, ask it to add or change an ingredient and get a full updated analysis.

If you added this as one of your meals, the previous analysis will get updated with the new one.

3. Visualization

View a chart that helps you keep track of your eating habbits and exercise routines. This graph contains;

1. Calorie intake

2. Calories spent

3. Daily goal (based on your overall goal)

Calorie Counter graph tracker

Your daily goal is determined by the metrics you fill in when you sign up and the fitness goal you set yourself.

4. Ask Calorie Counter for recipes

Calorie Counter keeps all your metrics in account, so by simply asking it to give you a recipe for dinner based on your metrics and fitness goal, it will provide you with a recipe with all the ingredients and instructions on how to cook that meal.

If you like the recipe but would like to change some ingredients according to your preferences, simply ask Calorie Counter to replace some of the ingredients.

5. Ask Calorie Counter for exercises

If you're just starting out in the gym and don't really know what exercises to do to reach your fitness goal, ask Calorie Counter.

Calorie Counter can provide you with full gym routines. These exercises are also adjustable, so you can ask it to change a certain exercise for something else or if you want to target a specific muscle group.


These five tips are just the tip of the iceberg of what Calorie Counter is capable of. Once you dive in and start using Calorie Counter you will start to see how much it is capable of.

The chatbot like interface combined with the AI driven technology makes for easy interaction and more capabilities, so if you want to get rid of the old way of counting calories, give Calorie Counter a try!


With Calorie Counter's AI driven technology, keeping track of your calories and exercise has never been easier