Calorie Counter Mobile App

Currently Calorie Counter is not on the App Store or on Google Play but we are working hard on getting it there! In the meantime you can download our app from your web browser.

In a few simple steps we will show you how you can have a more optimized experience and start counting your calories from your home screen.

Here are the steps you need to take:

1. Log in

Go to and log in with your account

2. Click the "share" button

Clicking share from Calorie Counter home screen

3. Add to home screen

Scroll down until you find the option "Add to Home Screen". Click this and you will be presented with a popup

Home screen popup

4. Choose a name

On this page you can choose any name that you would like to see present under your app

Filling in app name

After typing your name and clicking the add button your app will appear on your home screen

5. It's on the home screen!

Now you are able to access Calorie Counter from your home screen! This provides ease of access and a more optimized experience.

Viewing Calorie Counter app


We feel this adds a lot of value and ease of access so it's highly recommened if you're going to be using Calorie Counter on your phone.

By using the app, you can quickly open Calorie Counter and snap a picture of your meal to add the calories. It also offers a more optimized experience with less unnecessary objects in the way like on the web.


With Calorie Counter's AI driven technology, keeping track of your calories and exercise has never been easier